In addition to expert architectural and interior design, we can offer you a full scope of construction and renovation services. We work with several construction companies which have everything needed to implement your design with maximum quality while maintaining cost efficiency.

5 reasons to order construction or renovation works in a single package with design:

  • A company charged with both project design and implementation will always deliver a better result than two separate companies. Consistency throughout all stages prevents situations when the designers blame a failure on the developer and the developer blames the designers. By ordering these services in a single package you rule out such situations as well as failures.
  • With a pre-designed project, we immediately provide you with a precise schedule and cost estimate that are economically efficient and best adjusted to the tasks at hand.
  • You don't have to communicate with the developer. Using the services of two separate companies, you would have to explain your concept of the project at least twice: at the design stage and the construction stage. With us you just state your goals at the beginning, approve the designer's sketch and get the result you've been after.
  • The architecture firm is far more motivated to ensure the success of the project and the quality of construction works than any third-party experts.
  • Ordering a package of services means cutting down expenses without loss of but rather with an improvement in quality: you pay less for better work.

Our criteria in choosing partners:

  • A record of competence and professionalism in implementing the most complex projects.
  • Experts working on your project are highly qualified in their field.
  • State-of-the-art equipment provides top efficiency.
  • All works are licensed and carried out in compliance with the applicable legislation, norms and standards.
  • For the reasons stated above, we personally guarantee the quality of our partners' work.

Services we offer:

  • construction works: building or renovation of residential objects (e.g. a small detached house);
  • multistory construction (residential, commercial, office buildings);
  • industrial construction;
  • commercial construction;
  • construction of sports facilities, etc.

We carry out projects of any scope, from providing the utilities for a country house to major repairs of property like sports centres, multistory office buildings, etc. The vast expertise of our team, as well as our experience in different types of design, construction and renovation, allows us to offer the most attractive terms on the market and ensure that all obligations are met perfectly. Our portfolio includes dozens of completed projects of various complexity profiles, not only testifying to the high technical quality of the finished buildings, but also demonstrating their reliability in use.

If you have any questions about ordering construction or renovation services, you can consult one of our experts either in person, by phone or via email.